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» Comparison between the WHO and NIAAA criteria for binge drinking on drinking features and alcohol-related aftermaths: Results from a cross-sectional study among eight emergency wards in France. B Rolland et al. Drug and Alcohol Dependence · March 2017
DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2017.01.034» Binge Drinking: Current Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues. Rolland B, Naassila M. CNS Drugs. 2017 Feb 15. FI 4.9
» Resistance to ethanol sensitization is associated with a loss of synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. F. Coune, B. Silvestre de Ferron, MC Gonzalez-Marin, J. Antol, M Naassila, O. Pierrefiche. Synapse 2017 FI 2.12


» increase of KCC2 in hippocampal synaptic plasticity disturbances after perinatal ethanol exposure. B Silvestre de Ferron, C Vilpoux, M Kervern, A Robert, J Antol, M Naassila, O Pierrefiche. Accepté dans Addiction Biology 2016. FI 4.5
» Use of alcohol during pregnancy in France: another french paradox? O Pierrefiche, M Daoust, M Naassila J of Pregnancy & Child Health 2016
» Hepatocyte SLAMF3 reduced specifically the multi-drugs resistance protein MRP-1 and increases HCC cells sensitization to anti-cancer drugs. G Fouquet, V Debuysscher, H Ouled-Haddou, M Simoes Eugenio, B Demey, A Rabbind Singh, C Ossart, M Al Bagami, JM Regimbeau, E Nguyen-Khac, M Naassila, I Marcq, H Bouhlal. Oncotarget DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.8679 FI 6.36


» Altered white matter integrity in whole brain and segments of corpus callosum, in young social drinkers with binge drinking pattern. KW. Smith, F Gierski, J Andre, NG. Dowell, M Cercignani, M Naassila, T Duka. 2015  Addiction Biology FI 5.4
» Comorbidity Between Psychiatric Diseases and Alcohol Use Disorders: Impact of Adolescent Alcohol Consumption. J Jeanblanc Current Addiction reports
» Sensitization to the Stimulant Motor Effects of Ethanol Is Not Dependent On Tolerance to Ataxic or Sedative Properties of Ethanol in Female Mice. R Legastelois, B Botia and M Naassila. Accepté dans J Alcohol Drug Depend 2015
» Two binges of ethanol a days keep the memory away in adolescent rats. B Silvestre de Ferron et al. 2015 Int J Neuropsychopharmacology FI 5.2
» Metacognitions about alcohol use among university students: Psychometric properties of the PAMS and NAMS French versions. Fabien Gierski, Marcantonio M Spada, Eveline Fois, Aurélie Picard, M Naassila, Martial Van der Linden. 2015 Drug and Alcohol Dependence FI 3.27.
» A portable system for studying discrete-trial group choice. Sokolowski MB, Tonneau F, Cordevant MA. J Exp Anal Behav. 2015;103(2):419-26.
» The Class I-specific HDAC inhibitor MS-275 decreases motivation to consume alcohol and relapse in heavy drinking rats. Jeanblanc J, Lemoine S, Jeanblanc V, Naassila M.Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2015. FI 5.2.
» Basal anxiety negatively correlates with vulnerability to ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization in DBA/2J mice: modulation by diazepam. Botia B, Legastelois R, Houchi H, Naassila M. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2015 Jan;39(1):45-54. FI 3.8.
» Aberrant NMDA-dependent LTD after perinatal ethanol exposure in young adult rat hippocampus . M Kervern, B Silvestre de Ferron, S Alaux-Cantin, O Fedorenko, J Antol, M Naassila, O Pierrefiche. Hippocampus 2015 FI 4.2.
» Characterization of the deleterious effects induced by alcohol consumption in Binge-like drinking conditions in mice. H Lacaille, D Duterte-Boucher, D Liot, H Vaudry, M Naasila and D Vaudry. J Neurochem 2015 FI 4.2.


» Conduites d’alcoolisation et binge drinking chez l’adolescents : apport des neurosciences. Gierski, F. & Naassila, M. (2014). In Battaglia, N. & Gierski, F. (Eds.) (2014). L’addiction chez les adolescents : psychologie des conduites addictives. Paris : De Boeck - Solal (collection "Troubles du développement psychologique et des apprentissages) ; pages 17-60
» Drogues et adolescence : un mauvais cocktail > PAR M NAASSILA. Textes et Documents pour la Classe (TDC) La revue des enseignants p 14-17
» Memantine reduces alcohol drinking but not relapse in alcohol-dependent rats > S Alaux-Cantin, R Buttolo, H Houchi, J Jeanblanc & M Naassila  Addiction Biology 2014FI 5.9.
» The histone deacetylase inhibitor sodium butyrate decreases excessive ethanol intake in dependent animals > E Simon O'Brien, S Alaux-Cantin, V Warnault, R Buttolo, M Naassila, C Vilpoux  Addiction Biology 2014FI 5.9.
» Light alcohol intake during adolescence induces alcohol addiction in a neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia > J Jeanblanc, K Balguerie, F Coune, RLegastelois, V Jeanblanc & M Naassila  Addiction Biology 2014FI 5.9.
» Endogenous nitric oxide but not exogenous no-donor S-nitroprussiate facilitates NMDA excitation in spontaneous rhythmic neonatal rat brainstem slice > O Pierrefiche, M Naassila. Brain Research 2014 FI 2.88
» Deciphering the relationship between vulnerability to ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization and ethanol consumption in outbred mice > R Legastelois, B Botia, F Coune, J Jeanblanc and M Naassila.  Addiction Biology 2013FI 5.9.


» Neurobiologie de l’alcoolisme  > M. Naassila. Alcool et troubles mentaux. De la compréhension à la prise en charge du double diagnostic. Collection Médecine et psychothérapie. ELSEVIER MASSON
» Chronic ethanol exposure during development: Disturbances of breathing and adaptation.  > C. Dubois , M. Kervern, M. Naassila, O. Pierrefiche. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology. FI 2.05
» Human and Experimental Evidence Supporting a Role for Osteopontin in Alcoholic. Hepatitis. > O Morales-Ibanez, M Dominguez, S Ki, M Marcos, FJ. Chaves, E Nguyen-Khac, H Houchi, et al. Hepatology 2013 FI 11.7
» Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor mediates the suppression of alcohol self-administration by memantine > J Jeanblanc, F Coune, B Botia and M Naassila; Addiction Biology 2013 FI 5.9
» Alcohol intoxications during adolescence increase motivation for alcohol in adult rats and induce neuroadaptations in the nucleus accumbens. >S Alaux-Cantin, V Warnault, R Legastelois, B Botia, O Pierrefiche, C Vilpoux & M Naassila Neuropharmacology 2013 FI 4.8
» The adenosine A2A receptor agonist CGS 21680 decreases ethanol self-administration in both non-dependent and dependent animals > H Houchi, W Persyn, R Legastelois, M Naassila. Addiction Biology 2013FI 5.9.
» Blockade of ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization by sodium butyrate: descriptive analysis of gene regulations in the striatum > B Botia, R Legastelois, , M Naassila. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2013FI 3.8


» Expression of ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization is associated with alteration of chromatin remodeling in mice > B Botia, R Legastelois, M Naassila. PlosOne 2012 FI 4.0
» Alcohol and rats. M Naassila. Elsevier Encyclopedia on Addictive behaviors, Biological Research on Addiction, Volume 2, 2013 > M Naassila. Elsevier Encyclopedia on Addictive behaviors, Biological Research on Addiction, Volume 2, 2013
» Enjeux actuels et perspectives de la recherche sur l’addiction à l’alcool. M Naassila Le courrier des addictions Vol.14:n°3 (2012/07-08-09) – p. 15-17
» Chronic and Intermittent Exposure to Alcohol Vapors A New Model of Alcohol-Induced Osteopenia in the Rat > D B. Maurel, C Jaffré, E Simon O’Brien, C C. Tournier,H Houchi, CL Benhamou, and M Naassila Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2012 FI 3.4
» Ethanol Self-Administration in Free-Flying Honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) in an Operant Conditioning Protocol. > Sokolowski MB, Sokolowski MB, Abramson CI, Craig DP. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2012 Apr 4. FI 3.4
» Potential role of cortical 5-HT(2A) receptors in the anxiolytic action of cyamemazine in benzodiazepine withdrawal. > Benyamina A, Naassila M, Bourin M. Psychiatry Research 2012.


» Fluoxetine, desipramine, and the dual antidepressant milnacipran reduce alcohol self-administration and/or relapse in dependent rats > E Simon O’Brien, R Legastelois, H Houchi, C Vilpoux, S Alaux-Cantin, O Pierrefiche, E André and M Naassila. Neuropsychopharmacology IF 6.99
» Dépendances, regards croisés. Aspect clinique de l'addiction à l'alcool > M Naassila. Revue generale de droit medical.


» Lack of association between tumor necrosis factor receptor types 1 &2 gene polymorphism and severe acute alcoholic hepatitis. > E Nguyen-Khac, H Houchi, M Daoust, JL Dupas, M Naassila. Eur J Gastroenterol & hepatol 2010 ;22(7):794-800.
» Predicting the effect of naltrexone and acamprosate in alcohol-dependent patients using genetic indicators.> W Ooteman, M Naassila, M W.J. Koeter, R Verheul, G M. Schippers, H Houchi, M Daoust, W van den Brink. Addiction Biology 2009.
» Effects of prenatal and postnatal maternal ethanol on offspring response to alcohol and psychostimulants in Long evans rats.> E Barbier, H Houchi, V Warnault, O Pierrefiche, M Daoust, M Naassila. Neuroscience 2009.
» Perinatal Alcohol Exposure in Rat Induces Long-term Depression of Respiration After Episodic Hypoxia.> Kervern M, Dubois C, Barbier E, Naassila M, Daoust M, Pierrefiche O. AJRCCM 2009. Facteur d'impact 9.1
» Lack of association between tumor necrosis factor receptor types 1 &2 gene polymorphism and severe acute alcoholic hepatitis. > E Nguyen-Khac, H Houchi, M Daoust, JL Dupas, M Naassila. Eur J Gastroenterol & hepatol 2009.
» Ethanol-sensitive brain regions in rat and mouse: A cartographic review, using immediate early gene expression> Vilpoux C, Warnault V, Pierrefiche O, Daoust M, Naassila M, Alcoholism Clin Exp Res 2009
» Long-term alterations in vulnerability to addiction to drugs of abuse and in brain gene expression after early life ethanol exposure> E Barbier, O Pierrefiche, D Vaudry , H Vaudry, M Daoust, M Naassila. Neuropharmacology 2008.
» Involvement of A2A receptors in anxiolytic, locomotor and motivational properties of ethanol in mice> H Houchi, V Warnault, E Barbier, C Dubois, O Pierrefiche, C Ledent, M Daoust† and M Naassila, Genes Brain & Behavior 2008.
» Dossier: L'alcool un paradoxe. Du plaisir à la dépendance> Naassila M, Cerveau & Psycho 2008.


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